Silent Disco headphones available now!

How much does Silent Disco cost? Silent Disco Headphones

Silent Disco Headphones

Silent Disco headphones are available to hire right now and we have plenty in stock!

All of our headphones have 3 channels which means you can choose to listen to 3 different types of music which are playing at the same time. If you would like to hire some, contact us on this page.

How do the headphones work?

The majority of clients ask us this question because they assume they work by a Bluetooth or Wifi connection. 

In fact, we use 3 small transmitters connected to each source of music to create a short range FM signal. So, the actual headphone is like a little radio with 3 channels.

We have a short video to show how easy it is to set up on our Facebook page. You can also check out some recent videos and photos from gigs we have been providing the entertainment for.

Do I have to provide the music?

More and more customers that hire silent disco headphones choose to use their own playlists. 

These can be created on iTunes or Spotify and then played from your device. 

The benefits of choosing this option mean that you save money by not having a DJ although, we do like to be let out of our cage occasionally!

Will you deliver and collect?

All prices quoted include delivery & collection and where possible, we will do it ourselves which means we can set everything up for you. 

We generally send all the kit out on a Wednesday which means you have time to check and test everything before your party. We will then arrange for collection on the following Monday.

How do I book?

Make your booking now by calling Darren on 07970 521201 OR Drew on 07813 781362 or click on the button below!