Bath Cricket Club Silent Disco

Bath Cricket Club was the venue for Clair & Pete’s joint 50th birthday back in September 2018 and you can see what a great time they had on our Facebook page.

Darren & Drew were the DJ’s for the evening and they were using the incredibly popular inflatable DJ Dome which is now standard issue at most of the Silent Discos they host.

Bath Cricket Club is a great venue to hold a private party. If it’s a birthday, wedding, or even a Christmas party, we can help provide the entertainment for you!

On a hot summers day, the view is wonderful. and if you would like Somerset Silent Disco to provide the entertainment, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Somerset Silent Disco have a variety of options including our new Xylobands which is the perfect compliment for our 3 channel LED headphones.

You can hire the venue and make a booking NOW by visiting the Bath Cricket Club website.

How many channels do the headphones have?

All of our headphones have 3 channels which means you can have 3 different types of music playing at the same time. 

Simply choose the channel which best suits your music taste and then enjoy the rest of your evening! 

Each set of headphones has a channel selector and a volume control.

Can I play my own playlists?

This is what is so great about holding your own silent disco, you can create your own playlist(s) and dance away to the music that you love.

You don’t even to have to have a DJ! 

Many people now choose to create their own playlist and play it through their phone, tablet or laptop.