How does Silent Disco work?

How does Silent Disco work?

How does Silent Disco work is one of the first questions people ask.


Your music source feeds into a small transmitter which then broadcasts the signal to a receiver inside the headphones.

It’s exactly the same as an FM radio!

Every pair of our LED headphones have 3 channels, which means you can have 3 different DJ’s or playlists playing at once.

With a Silent Disco from Somerset Silent Disco, you really can please everybody at the same time!

Can I use my own headphones?

Headphones will be provided because they are specially designed for this kind of event.

Each pair has a small receiver built in, which makes them wireless. This means you can choose between 3 different channels of music.

A fully refundable deposit will be required which will vary in price depending on how many you hire.

How does Silent Disco work?
LED Headphones

What can I use to play the music?

You can use your phone, tablet, laptop or anything that has a small jack socket to play the music.

Our headphones are LED and have 3 channels so you can have up to 3 different types of music playing at any one time.

You can create your own playlists or have up to 3 DJ’s to play the music which is great fun!

How does Silent Disco work?
How good would 3 DJ's be at your party?

Is it easy to set everything up?

If you decide to hire the kit from us to have your own party, it couldn’t be easier to set up!

Don’t forget to visit our YouTube Channel and check out the AMAZING time you could also be having!

Please Note: Some Apple products now require a headphone/jack plug adapter which is NOT provided by Somerset Silent Disco.

How does Silent Disco work?

Watch our Silent Disco set-up video below

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