How does Silent Disco work?

How does silent disco work? Well, imagine this . . . walking into a room full of people who are all dancing and having a really good time, but there is no music.

Some maybe singing loudly, thinking they sound good, but in actual fact, wouldn't make it past the first audition on The X-Factor and others may be waving their arms around in the air, jumping about like they connected to the National Grid!

The one thing they do have in common, all are wearing headphones!

Yes, it is a weirdly bizarre concept and is loads of fun, but Silent Disco has transformed the way party goers have a good time. Equally, this can be a practical communication solution for corporate functions or educational reasons where the listeners undivided attention is essential.

Many people ask the same question, how does silent disco work? The music source feeds into a small transmitter which then broadcasts the signal to a receiver in the headphones (a bit like the radio). Each pair of headphones has 3 different channels which means you have a choice of music to listen to!  



how does silent disco work


how does silent disco work

Why Silent Disco?

So, you have planned your party, but there will be a mixed age range and they all have different tastes in music. Rather than TRY to please them all, you really CAN please them all with 3 different types of music at any one time. Is it anti-social? No way! Having a normal DJ makes conversation difficult, with Silent Disco, just put the headphones around your neck when you want to chat!

Can I use my own music Source?

Yes, you can! You can hire Silent Disco equipment and plug your chosen music source directly into the transmitter, so that you effectively become the DJ. Each pair of headphones has 3 channels so you can have up to 3 different types of audio playing at any one time. One of our clients even used the 50 Shades Of Grey audio book!

Do I need my own headphones?

Headphones will be provided because they are especially designed for this kind of event. Each pair has a small receiver built in, which makes them wireless and can pick up 1 of 3 available different signals (known as channels) which means you can have a choice of what you are listening to. A fully refundable deposit will be required which will vary in price depending on many you hire.

Is it easy to set up?

We will deliver, set everything up and collect once finished, giving you simple instructions on how to use the headphones, as well as providing new batteries for each event. Alternatively, you could have complete hire which includes DJ's and light show which means you don't have to worry about a thing becasue we do it all for you!