Your Silent Cinema Headphones

Silent Cinema Headphones

Silent Cinema headphones from Somerset Silent Disco is the new way to watch your favourite movies of all time! 

We can provide everything you need including the screen for your Silent Movie.

You can hire our inflatable cinema screen for a late night summer movie with friends or even hold your own event. 

Immerse yourself into the greatest movies of all time without any interruptions when you wear our fantastic LED Headphones.

How big is the cinema screen?

The cinema screen is 5m x3m and 2m depth behind. It has loops on the sides to attach guy ropes needed to secure it to the ground with large weights or ground hooks. 

It stays inflated with a fan blower which is provided when you hire, which requires mains electric.

As you can seen from the the image above, the screen can also be used for banner advertising. This is a fantastic way to promote your business or event with high impact.

Do I need a projector?

Our Silent Cinema home movie package gives you the the option to use our Silent Disco headphones to watch your favourite movie OR we can set up a PA system.

All you need to do is plug your device into the projector and away you go!

Who provides the advertising banner?

If you are using the screen for some targeted advertising & promotional activity, the banner will be included in the price. 

You will need to provide any print ready artwork based on the dimensions we give you.