Silent Disco Headphone Yoga

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Silent Yoga

Silent Yoga is now the best way to take a yoga class!

Transform the way you experience your favourite exercise by way of using wireless headphone technology where only those wearing them, can hear the music.

Yoga is a form of meditation which can be defined as silent and by having no amplified sound will ‘immerse’ you into the music and help you get ‘into the zone’.

Whilst listening through our comfortable 3 channel headphones, each with their own volume control, your level of concentration will improve which in turn helps your performance and stability.

Yoga is a passion for many people on so many different levels which can help your body become strong and supple as well burning calories and strengthening your inner core. 

The Yoga Journal has taken the plunge to experience silent yoga and loved it

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The benefits of Silent Yoga

From an instructors point of view, taking a Silent Yoga class means you can have large scale classes where you may not be allowed to use sound through a PA system.

This means you can even run a class by using your mobile phone or tablet!