Wedding Entertainment Ideas 2016

Wedding entertainment ideas? Then let us invite you into the world of 'Silent Disco'! But what is it? It is the concept of having one of the best nights of your life, simply by wearing a pair of wireless headphones! You can find out how it works by clicking HERE.




How do you choose from so many wedding entertainment ideas?

With so many wedding entertainment ideas available these days, how do you go about choosing the right one for you? Band; disco; magician, comedian and so the list goes on and of course, the more choice there is, the more difficult it is to make that final decision! So lets make that part of your planning easy for you - have a 'Silent Disco'!

'Silent Disco' is where those in attendance,  dance to music which they are listening to through wireless headphones instead of a speaker system! The headphones can have up to 4 different channels which means there is a selection of music genres you can choose to listen to. Below is a photo of the headphones that Somerset Silent Disco use and the channel selector has been highlighted.


Where does the music come from?

If you have 2 channel headphones, then that means you will need 2 sources of music; if you have 3 channel headphones (like ours!), then 3 sources of music are required and so on . . . but what EXACTLY does that mean? 

Let's try to make this simple for you, if you decide you want to hire us for your wedding, first thing you need to do is contact us by clicking on the big button at the bottom of this page, then you need to decide if you want us to provide a complete bespoke disco OR just to hire the Silent Disco equipment on it's own.

Once you have decided, here comes the fun bit, which music sources to use on each of the 3 available channels! You might decide on the example shown here:

Ch1 > iPod/tablet/phone with selected playlist

Ch2> Specialist DJ playing and mixing your favourite type of music

Ch3> Non stop 60's & 70's

You might decide to have 3 DJ's or even no DJ's, but 3 selected playlists! Either way, it's great fun so if you would like to know more details, then contact us NOW by clicking on the button below.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Darren is co-owner of Somerset Silent Disco who provide silent disco equipment hire; wedding dj's and mobile disco hire across Somerset and beyond!

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