Somerset Silent Disco Review

Somerset Silent Disco review

Below is a Somerset Silent Disco review, which we hope you find useful if you are deciding to go to or even have your own Silent Disco. 

We provide ‘Silence’ for : Festivals; Private Celebrations; Corporate Functions and Education. You can contact us to make your enquiry on this page.

Whether you are having a private celebration, wedding, corporate event or even a house party, Silent Disco is definitely the future! 

If you have been to one of the bigger festivals over recent years, like Glastonbury, you may well be familiar with the concept but if not, then prepared to be launched in new world of musical pleasure!

What our customers say!

It’s all very well us telling you how good Silent Disco is but what about those who are actually attending an event, what do THEY think?

Silent Disco in action!

I think it’s fair to say as well, that this this lot are also having a good time – not so sure about the singing mind but at least they were having a good time!