Silent Disco DEAFinitely works for deaf society!

Local deaf society go silent!

Deaf society & Silent Disco could be looked upon as a ‘random’ combination! 

Somerset Silent Disco provide ‘Silence’ for : Festivals; Private Celebrations; Corporate Functions and Education, but what about the local deaf society? 

Seems like a local magazine loved it so much, they printed it! You can contact us to make your enquiry on this page.

Silent Disco for the Deaf Society

There is a certain irony isn’t there, about providing a Silent Disco for a local society for deaf people? However, this was DEAFinately a successful night, thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who attended!

The venue was the Holiday Inn Taunton, just off j25 of the M5 and it was a supposed to be a normal Christmas Party with disco. We weren’t sure whether it would work or not because, those who are hard of hearing rely on the bass playing through speakers.

Initially, the communication was a little difficult because we are not familiar with sign language until we were introduced to a few people who could act as interpreters for us, but once the word was out that headphones were available, that was it!

All of our headphones have 3 different channels, so we were able to offer a variety of musical options and the volume is quite substantial as well. You can read more about our headphones by clicking HERE.

As is always the case with Silent Disco, apprehension is very quickly followed by laughter and incredible enjoyment for those taking part! We were supposed to finish at midnight but everybody was carried away so it was nearly a 1am finish!

A thoroughly enjoyable evening which resulted in 3 more enquires from guests present on the night, for us to host Silent Disco’s in Exeter, Tiverton and Manchester!