Kings College Taunton Silent Disco

King's College Taunton Silent Disco

The King’s College Taunton Silent Disco in March 2016 was a huge success!

Many of the students had never experienced a Silent Disco before but they certainly took full advantage of it . . . 

We provided 3 channel wireless headphones with an 80’s theme going up against a live DJ and some pre selected playlists running on a few different mobile phones during the course of the night.

Somerset Silent Disco provided the equipment for the evening so that the students in Meynell House could raise funds and awareness for 2 charities:

The Homeless Period:

The Homeless Period is a charity which believes that sanitary products should be readily available in homeless shelters.

Homeless women, unfortunately, are in the position of having to go without any form of sanitary product, exposing themselves to numerous health problems.

Click HERE to visit the website.

The Cystic Fibrosis Trust: 

Cystic Fibrosis, which can be very debilitating on one’s life, but because of the advances in treatments these symptoms can be easily managed.

The charity is helping to achieve this by funding research and improving the standard of care that the people receive.

Click HERE to visit the website.

kings college taunton silent disco

Can a Silent Disco help students with studies?

Well, on a social level, it will certainly help them have a good time and if you scroll through our blog you will find an interesting article after we went to a local school to work with some of the reception kids. Click HERE to read that post.

So, in answer to the question, YES, the use of the silent disco equipment certainly CAN help on an educational level!

Here is an interesting way of encouraging teenagers to enjoy books a lot more than just sitting quietly and reading them.

You can pick up the full story by clicking HERE.