Bristol Museum and Art Gallery Silent Disco

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery Silent Disco

Bristol Museum Art Gallery is part of Bristol Museums and situated on Queens Rd in Bristol. 

This historic building, is the home to many national and international treasures, including many by internationally famous artists, as well a collection of modern paintings of Bristol.

The venue is also used in other ways such as wedding receptions and exclusive private parties.

Companies such as SPAR UK, whose South Western Distribution, operated by Appleby Westward, held their annual retailer awards recently which culminated in a Silent Disco!

This glittering ‘Night of the Stars’ (or should that be ‘Spars’!) was attended by retailers from all over the South West, some of which made the trek from as far afield as Penzance!  

Not only was this a momentous occasion for the winners, the Bristol Museum Art Gallery proved to be an incredible venue to host a Silent Disco!

What is a Silent Disco?

A Silent Disco is an event such as as disco, wedding reception or private party where the music being played, is listened to through wireless headphones instead of a speaker system!

The headphones provided by Somerset Silent Disco have 3 separate channels, which means you have a choice of music to listen to and if you want to have a chat with some friends, you don’t have to struggle with shouting to be heard!

How much does Silent Disco cost?

It’s actually a lot more cost effective than you think! 

Headphones cost £100 + £1 per headphone along with a £50 holding fee. The price includes delivery & collection, with all headphones fully charged and there is no VAT to pay.

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